Apple releases security updates for iOS, iPadOS and macOS

According to TechCrunch, Apple has patched two vulnerabilities that it claims are being actively used to hack people by releasing security upgrades for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
Google has published new software fixes, iOS and iPadOS 17.1.2 and macOS 14.1.2, in response to security specialists at its Threat Analysis Group, which investigates government-backed cyberattacks, disclosing a vulnerability.

TechCrunch claims that Apple addressed two vulnerabilities in WebKit, the browser engine that drives Safari and other apps, as part of the upgrades that were released. Because of these vulnerabilities, malicious malware, like spyware, can be remotely installed on a user’s device via the internet by hackers. The defect is known as a “zero-day” since there is no time limit set to the vendor.

“zero-day” refers to the fact that the vendor has 0 days, or no time at all, to address the vulnerability before it is used maliciously.In its security warnings, Apple stated,

“Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been exploited against versions of iOS before iOS 16.7.1,” referring to the October 11 iPhone software release.
Additionally, the business announced that Safari 17.1.2, an update for users of previous iterations of macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura, has been provided by Apple.