Google Gemini AI launched: WHAT WHAT WHAT …….

Google introduced to the world its newest language model (LLM) called Gemini. This new LLM can seamlessly understand, operate across, and combine different types of information, including text, code, audio, images, and video. Google claims that Gemini is their most capable and general-purpose AI model to date. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Gemini isn’t just one model; it’s actually a family of AI models that come in three sizes: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano.

The three sizes of Gemini

1. Gemini Nano: Google’s Gemini Nano is a lightweight AI model optimised specifically for mobile devices, particularly the Pixel 8. This efficient model enables on-device tasks to be performed seamlessly, even offline. Whether it’s suggesting relevant replies in chat apps or summarising text content, Gemini Nano delivers powerful AI capabilities without relying on external servers, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience.

2. Gemini Pro: Gemini Pro is the advanced variant of Gemini AI, poised to become the driving force behind numerous Google AI services, serving as the foundational support for Bard starting today. Running on Google’s data centers, Gemini Pro has been specifically designed to power the latest version of our AI chatbot, Bard. This advanced technology delivers fast response times and a remarkable ability to understand complex queries.

3. Gemini Ultra: Gemini Ultra is the most powerful LLM by Google. It is said to excel at tackling highly complex tasks and is best suited for data centres and enterprise applications. Though not yet widely available, Google describes Gemini Ultra as exceeding “current state-of-the-art results on 30 of the 32 widely-used academic benchmarks used in large language model (LLM) research and development.” This means it outperforms other LLMs on most standard tests. Designed for complex tasks, Gemini Ultra is expected to be released after finishing its current testing phase.

Why does Gemini come in three sizes?

Gemini will be available in different sizes to scale it as per the need. Gemini Ultra, the largest and most capable model, will be meant for highly complex tasks. Since this model is still completing trust and safety checks, it is available now only to select customers, developers, partners and safety and responsibility experts for early experimentation and feedback. It will be rolled out to developers and enterprise customers early next year.