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Google Gemini AI launched: WHAT WHAT WHAT …….

Google introduced to the world its newest language model (LLM) called Gemini. This new LLM can seamlessly understand, operate across, and combine different types of information, including text, code, audio, images, and video. Google claims that Gemini is their most capable and general-purpose AI model to date. However, there’s more to it than meets the […]

Python Installation Guide

Python Installation Guide Many PCs and Macs come pre-installed with Python. To check if Python is already installed on your Windows PC, search for “Python” in the start bar or run the following command in the Command Line (cmd.exe): C:UsersYour Name>python –version On Linux or Mac, open the command line or Terminal and type: python […]

Python Fundamentals: A Beginner’s Guide to Python Programming #1

What is Python? In the realm of programming languages, Python stands as a versatile and widely used choice, renowned for its clear syntax, readability, and beginner-friendliness. This dynamically typed, interpreted language executes code as it is written, eliminating the need for prior compilation. Python’s versatility extends to a diverse range of applications, encompassing web development, […]

GTA 6 Map Leaks: Biggest map changes in GTA 6 expected by the community

GTA 6 Map Leaks: Unveiling the Biggest Map Changes in Grand Theft Auto VI Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6, and recent leaks have provided some tantalizing insights into the game’s map. While Rockstar Games has yet to officially confirm any details, the leaked information suggests that […]

B tech computer science

1. Introduction to B Tech Computer Science Welcome to the dynamic world of B Tech Computer Science! In this program, students embark on a thrilling journey to understand the fundamental principles of computing and technology. B Tech Computer Science is not merely a degree; it’s a gateway to innovation, problem-solving, and limitless possibilities in the […]

IT, BT sectors doing well, despite headwinds: Industry 

 India’s IT sector valued at $200 billion , biotech realm headed towards a future of promise  Chief Minister Siddarmaiah with DCM D K Shivakumar, Ministers M B Patil and Priyank Kharge, Wipro Executive Chairman Rishad Premji and other delegates at the inauguration of the Bengaluru Tech Summit BENGALURU: The high-growth sectors of information technology and biotechnology […]

Five penny stocks to keep on your watchlist in November 2023

Intriguing Penny Stocks of India’s Growth Sectors such as IT, Construction, Tourism, Income, and Power 1. 3i Infotech (Market Cap: Rs 621 crore) Incorporated in 1993 as a back-office processing company by ICICI Ltd., 3i Infotech has evolved into a global Information Technology giant with a 3-year CAGR stock return of more than 131 per cent. Positioned […]

Operators in python

Operators in Python – Understanding Python’s Essential Tools In the realm of Python programming, operators are the lifeblood of manipulating data and performing various computations. Operators are symbols with the power to instruct Python to carry out specific operations. They can be as simple as addition or as intricate as bitwise shifts. In this comprehensive […]